In cooperation between an industrial development laboratory and MINES-ParisTech (Cemef), the project will consist in:

* Analyzing state of the art in the field of polymers coating for packaging applications.
* Defining influent process parameters on a pilot scale equipment.
* Investigating rheology of various formulations and its influence on the resulting product.
* Developing thermo-mechanical models to obtain relevant processing parameters.


12-month postdoctoral position at the Centre for Material Forming (CEMEF). CEMEF is one of the research laboratories of MINES ParisTech (top executive French engineering school).CEMEF studies the materials processings in all their aspects: physics, chemical physics, thermal and mechanical analysis and numerical modelling. Researches are on a large range of materials.
Solidification activities of CEMEF concern modeling of processes and physical metallurgy.
Extrusion coating process is widely used in food packaging industry. In such a process, one or several polymer layers are extruded and coated on a metallic sheet. The context of this project is to study a new technology of extrusion-coating process devoted to soft flexible packaging applications, in collaboration with an industrial partner.

Research Field

Engineering - Materials Engineering


Gross annual salary : about 34 000 € / year

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MINES ParisTech
Research Laboratory
1, rue Claude Daunesse
06560 - Sophia-Antipolis/Valbonne
Alpes-Maritimes - FRANCE
fax 04 92 38 97 52

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