Applications are invited for an EU funded PhD programme in cooperation between BASF (Germany) and the University of Surrey (UK). This project forms part of the EU funded Marie Curie Initial Training Network PARDEM – PARticle Systems: Training on DEM Simulation for Industrial and Scientific Applications. DEM is becoming increasingly important for the simulation of particle scale interactions in a wide variety of applications. The PARDEM project seeks to train researchers in DEM and to provide detailed validation of the technique against experimental data.

Project Details
Simulation and Experiments on Particle Flow in Agitated Mixers Effective and efficient mixing of powders is a key element in many industrial processes. In this project, the high shear mixing test facility at the BASF will be used to establish the mixing behaviour of particle systems in various mixing geometries and mixing intensities. Both laboratory and pilot-plant scale experiments will be performed. DEM simulations corresponding to the experiments will be carried out (mainly at U. Surrey), and the predicted mixing behaviour compared with the experimental results.

Requirements and Training
The successful candidate will require a Masters degree in engineering or physical sciences or equivalent, an appropriate qualification in the English language and a good knowledge of German. Experience in powder technology and affinity for numerical modeling as well as for experimental work is required. Full training in the scientific background to the project will be given, and there will also be the opportunity to participate in a variety of complementary skills training programmes offered as part of the PARDEM network. There will also be the opportunity to travel to and take part in events at other sites within the network. Applications are welcome from all who satisfy EU mobility rules.

BASF is the world’s leading chemical company, with about 97,000 employees worldwide. BASF products cover a wide spectrum of chemicals, plastics and other specialty goods. The industrial portion of the PhD programme (26 months) will take place at BASF Ludwigshafen, the headquarters of BASF and the largest integrated chemical complex in the world. The successful candidate will work within the Process Engineering department in Ludwigshafen. The successful candidate will be registered for a PhD in Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences of the University Surrey (10 months of the PhD programme will be spent at U. Surrey). Engineering at Surrey has been ranked 8th amongst 52 University submissions in the recent UK Research Assessment Exercise (2008) by the Higher Education Funding Council of England. Chemical Engineering has strong international reputation in the area of particle process technologies with a diverse range of industrial applications ranging from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, to food and advanced materials processing industries.

Further information
More information about the work of the groups involved can be found on, and More detailed information can be obtained from Dr. H.J. Feise (, Tel +49 (0)621 602 1553 or from Prof. U. Tuzun (, Tel +44 1 483 686590.

Universities of Edinburgh or Surrey/ITASCA Consultants
- Edinburgh/Guildford/Gelchenkirchen
phone 01483 686126

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