Consultant Engineer Trainee Researcher / or junior CDD or CDI

DEPARTMENT: Department of Development Projects and Services UP 2 Planning and Property and Sustainable Economic Development
Hierarchical relationship: the responsibility of the Director of the UP 2

Designing socio-economic model in the field of construction of housing in France, articulating costs and technical regulations, under the direction of the Director of Projects and Development Cluster Services Participation in other expertise, business approach, customer care, sales management Based in Paris with travel to be considered for missions in France, Dom Tom and International

Prerequisites - required initial training Engineer (ESTB, ESTP, ENPC, INSA ....)

Experience required:
Design of a socioeconomic model, or Excel software in the studies or internship.

Required Knowledge
- Organization of the field of construction of housing actors, dies .
- Housing finance (IRR, ROE ...)
- Economy of construction, overall cost
- HQE - Evaluation of Public Policy
- Technical Building Regulations
- Knowledge of urban management, environment and territorial communities of the mixed economy

Skills Required
- Proficiency in Excel Programming
- Mastery of office tools (Word, Power Point ...)
- Fluency in English (written, read and spoken), an additional language is a plus
- Fluency

Editorial Skills:
- Listening skills, analysis and synthesis to identify prospects quickly operational
- Discipline, method, curiosity, strength of proposal and initiative
- Large production capacity
- Interpersonal skills and adapt to managing projects and managing partnerships

didier.bernateau @ scet.fr
annette.kari @ scet.fr

Please mention scholarships4phd.blogspot.com on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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