Applicants must:
* Be enrolled in a partner institution; if your university is not listed among our partners, please approach your international office so that they can discuss with us on any cooperation possibility
* Follow studies in science, engineering or technology
* Be at least in their last year of undergraduate studies (BSc, BEng, BTech) or in graduate studies

Admission process
Applications will be assessed by our jury (or the ParisTech jury). Selected applicants will then have specific tests, focusing on their scientific abilities (maths, physics) and their motivations and personalities. Tests are normally carried out in the home country of the applicants (with the support of third parties and/or videoconference), in October, November or December.

Admission process is carried out in English or in French, depending on the applicant.

There are also other scholarship programs in France for Postgraduate study. They are
There are also MBA scholarships for international students in France in the HEC School of Management Paris. They are
After admission is pronounced - Possible support at MINES ParisTech
Admitted students will be notified before the end of December. Students admitted under a double-degree agreement must make sure they are enrolled in their home university.

MINES ParisTech does particular efforts to find scholarships and various other financial supports for international students in order to reduce their education and living expenses in France (amounting to about 600 Euros per month in Paris), in addition to reduced or waived inscription and scolarity fees:

* Inscription fees per year are only 600 euros. In case of agreement with the home university, these fees will be waived. Students will have to pay only social insurance fees: about 300 euros per year.
* Scolarity fees: it is a scholarship from the French government that covers these fees, included for foreign students, corresponding to an amount of 18 000 euros.

Students from eligible countries will be presented to the Eiffel Scholarship’s council in January. Meanwhile, we encourage students to apply to any local scholarship (home government, French Embassy in the home country).
Students who were not selected for the Eiffel Scholarship or who could not get a local scholarship will have the opportunity to get a scholarship from our Foundation, either with the support of a company or thanks to alumni donations.
All international students in need of a scholarship had the opportunity to get one in the past years, covering the studies and living costs, so financial considerations should not be an issue when applying, only academic considerations matter!

Application procedure
Complete applications must arrive by 1st October. Scanned applications sent by e-mail are acceptable. In most partner university, applicants must refer first to their international office.

Students from China, Brazil and Russia (only from ParisTech's partner universities) have to register on the ParisTech dedicated website, since the admission process starts at the ParisTech level.

Students enrolled in the Double-Degree Programme (DDP) at National University of Singapore (NUS) have a specific application procedure through NUS.

For application details please visit Master Double Degree, Mines Paristech, France.

Please mention scholarships4phd.blogspot.com on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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