Scholarship Summary: A Company sponsored PhD Program in Renault, France is available in the DELTA department. The thesis CIFRE is sponsored by Renault.

Proposal for PhD CIFRE Renault
The Department of Electronics and Automotive Advanced Technology (DELTA), Renault offers CIFRE entitled "Study of electrical insulation systems used in motor vehicles Electrical taking into account their specific environment, to ensure the desired life of the electric motor for future generation.

The current level of tension and its probable increase in the near future, the use of devices power electronics and the specific constraints they generate (as a voltage, steep edges, high frequencies, etc..), not to mention the operating conditions specific to the application (profiles mission thermal cycles, vibratory stress, etc) make the study of Electrical Insulation System (SIE) motors for electric vehicles (VE) a new field of investigation. Indeed, to ensure the duration Life sought, it is vital to understand the mechanisms of degradation of the dielectric insulation of cables, motor winding and power components. Among the risks, we must consider include:
- Breakdown between turns (same phase or different phases) and turns-frame;
- Failure of impedance of distribution lines accompanied by a sharp surge in response to reflections of Electromagnetic wave;
- Non-negligible parasitic capacitances and forehead steep causing a power surge at the entrance of the winding and intense use of the electrical insulation;
- Inhomogeneous distribution of tension in the coil.

The whole question is at what level of exposure to risk of failure is the application. By this I mean, the voltage level is it - given a few peculiar "Inverter - can trigger mechanisms of insulation breakdown, discharge partial (DP) and corona discharge? The answer to that question the whole strategy of choice and design of electrical systems that will be used. As part of this work, we try to answer this question. She will consider innovative methods of detecting these phenomena, developed in a different context (aerospace, defense, rail) and seem particularly interesting (radio frequency detection). After studies at the Laboratory, will seek to deploy detection methods on an engine test bench consists of a Renault engine and its electronic

Diploma: Engineer and / or bac + 5 Master 2 research

Preferred areas of expertise: Physics of plasmas, electromagnetism, electrical engineering, signal processing, electronics.

Francis Fresent
UET Electro-Physics / DELTA
Renault S.A.S. - TCR RUC T62
1 avenue du Golf
78288 Guyancourt
francois.fresnet @

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