The Bujnicki laboratory in International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw is currently recruiting PhD students for projects focused on bioinformatics analyses of RNA, RNA-protein complexes, and pathways of nucleic acid metabolism.

2 positions for PhD students partially financed by the European Regional Development Fund within the Innovative Economy Operational Programme: Project TEAM “Modeling of RNA and protein-RNA complexes: from sequence to structure to function “ awarded by the Foundation for Polish Science is supported by the Innovative Economy programme (project period: May 2010 – Apr 2014).

PhD Fellowship 3000 PLN/month (not subject to income tax) is guaranteed for 2.5 years with possible extension up to 5 years depending upon research progress. The PhD fellowship in Bioinformatics must start between June and October 2011.

The first project focuses on the development and curation of our databases of nucleic acids metabolism (MODOMICS, REPAIRtoire) and data mining (analysis of enzymes interactions with nucleic acids and related metabolic pathways). This PhD project in Bioinformatics at Warsaw, Poland will require retrieval of data available in the scientific literature and many different databases and candidates should enjoy reading lots of scientific literature and browsing databases with online tools, as their responsibilities will include recording and connecting various facts and hypotheses.

The second project focuses on studies of interactions between proteins, RNA and small molecule ligands (e.g. putative drugs) and may combine both theoretical and experimental analysis. The successful PhD candidate must have experience in the studies of protein, RNA and small molecule interactions (theoreticians: docking, virtual scanning, experimentalists: biophysical and biochemical techniques for studying small molecule- macromolecule interactions).

Both projects require knowledge of biology. Programming skills are advantageous but not mandatory Applicants may attend PhD programme at any of the Polish universities or scientific institutes and the project may be carried out partially remotely. The thesis, however, must be supervised by prof. Janusz Bujnicki (a formal permission from candidate’s graduate school may be required) and candidate must spend at least half of the working time at the IIMCB, Warsaw.

PhD Applicants for Bioinformatics must have:
  • MSc degree at the time of starting the project
  • Basic knowledge of bioinformatics
  • Basic knowledge of biochemistry and structural biology of RNA and proteins.
  • Good command of English (written and spoken)
ALL application for this PhD position in Bioinformatics must contain:

1) Curriculum vitae;

2) Motivation for applying (including, but not limited to answers to the following questions: what do you know about our research, what are your best skills and how would you like to apply them to contribute to what we are doing, and what would you like to achieve by working with us);

3) Contact details of at least 2 persons for references.

Please include in your offer: "In accordance with the personal data protection act from 29th August 1997, I hereby agree to process and to store my personal data by the Institution for recruitment purposes”.

Send your application to prof. Janusz M. Bujnicki:

Please note that application deadline to PhD Fellowships in bioinformatics, Warsaw Poland is 31 May, 2011.

Please mention on your application while applying for this scholarship.
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