The Quentin-Baxter Memorial Scholarship Fund for master degree study in Victoria University, New Zealand originates from donations made by staff, students, government departments and friends of Professor Quentin-Baxter . The Quentin-Baxter Memorial Scholarship Fund is managed by the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Purpose of postgraduate scholarship, New Zealand
The purpose of this master degree scholarship fund is to provide monetary assistance to students undertaking or proposing to undertake study or research in the Faculty of Law at Victoria University and to recognise and encourage academic merit by the award of Scholarships and prizes.
The Fund also has discretionary monies for the relief of financial hardship

Selection criteria
The awarding of these scholarships will seek to promote the position of Maori and Pacific students and/or Scholarship and research in the areas of International Law; Public law; Pacific Law; The Treaty of Waitangi; Indigenous Peoples Law; and other public law matters generally. The scholarship is offered to Maori and Pacific students in alternate years .

Account will be taken of the financial needs, personal qualities and scholastic abilities of the student and well as the particular subject-matter on which the student is engaged or wishes to work.

Number of awards offered
1 or more.


Tenure of award
For up to three years

Application Procedure

The Scholarships Office
Victoria University of Wellington
PO Box 600
New Zealand

Phone: (04) 463 5113 or (04)463 5557

Further details are available on the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand website.

Note, Application deadline to the Quentin-Baxter Memorial Scholarship Fund, Victoria University, New Zealand is 13 August every year.

Please mention on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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