The Laboratory of Theory of Biopolymer, University of Warsaw, Poland is pleased to announce an opening call for positions within the TEAM programme. The research Lab is looking for MSc students, PhD students and postdocs to work in their project aimed at development of new modeling tools for structure and dynamics prediction of proteins and other biomolecules.

Open positions:
  • MSc Students: 3 positions
  • 2 PhD student positions for bioinformaticians/computational biologists
  • 2 Postdocs positions for bioinformaticians/computational biologists and 1 position for bioinformatics programmer.
Project title: "Development and integration of new multiscale modeling tools for molecular biology: structure, dynamics and thermodynamics"

Research partners:
  • Institute of Crystallography of CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) in Bari, Italy
  • International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA) in Trieste, Italy
  • The Research Institute at Nationwide Childrens Hospital, Columbus, USA
The main goal of the project: is to develop a new suite of bioinformatics molecular modeling tools for structure prediction and study of dynamics and thermodynamics of proteins, nucleic acids (and other biomolecules) and their assemblies. These tools will be integrated with the existing state-of-the-art computational tools of molecular biology and made available to the scientific community via a multifunctional web server.

In the last ten years or so automated web servers of various functionalities, aimed at solving typical problems of bioinformatics and computational structural biology, became increasingly popular. Such servers are very useful in the popularization of new computational methods and, what seems to be extremely important, made these advanced methods easily available to experimental biologists, pharmacologists, biotechnologists and other life science experts.

The "Development and integration of new multiscale modeling tools for molecular biology: structure, dynamics and thermodynamics" project is realized within the TEAM programme of Foundation for Polish Science, cofinanced from European Union, Regional Development Fund.

Application Procedure

Details about the fully funded MSc, PhD and Postdoc positions can be found on the Laboratory of Theory of Biopolymer, University of Warsaw webpage.

Laboratory of Theory of Biopolymers, Faculty of Chemistry UW
ul. Pasteura 1, 02-093 Warszawa
tel.: (+48) 22 8220211
fax: (+48) 22 8220221, (+48) 22 8225996
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