Multiple Early Stage Researcher (ESR) and Experienced Researcher (ER) fellowship positions are available at the LHCPhenoNet Public research Center, Spain. The research position in particle physics will be funded by the Marie Curie Initial Training Network LHCPhenoNet of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission.

LHCPhenoNet is a consortium of several universities and research centres located in Spain, Argentina, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, UK, Switzerland and Austria. It offers an excellent predoctoral and postdoctoral training environment in theoretical particle physics with emphasis on LHC phenomenology, addressing key issues at the interface to the experiments and in close collaboration with the developers of customized open source software in the field of symbolic manipulation and computer algebra.

Candidate Requirements

Candidates are expected to have less than 5 years of full-time equivalent predoctoral and postdoctoral research experience at the selection time and must be eligible under the FP7 ITN mobility rules. ESR or ER positions will be offered accordingly to qualifications. In both cases, the Marie Curie programme offers competitive salary and working conditions.

Application Procedure

Applicants should submit a Curriculum Vitae, including a list of publications and a statement of research interests. Please, indicate also a list of preferences concerning the place you want to apply and the email address of one to three referees.

Please visit Early Stage Researcher Position Spain for further details and application procedure.

Note, application deadline to the Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in Particle Physics, LHCPhenoNet, Spain is 25 December, 2011.

Please mention on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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