The Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics group is looking for a highly motivated student to carry out an exciting new research program. In this research program, which is part of the Dutch NNI Program, we will investigate strategies for optical switching on waveguide chips, starting from straightforward implementations and advancing towards all-optical switching on ultra-fast time scales, for applications over a broad wavelength range including the visible.

The candidate will be involved in every step of the research, including the design and development of waveguide circuits to be fabricated within the MESA+ facilities of the newly established Nanolab. This includes also modeling to promote understanding and investigate further options. The prospective candidate will be embedded in an enthusiastic academic environment with world-class fabrication and testing capabilities. In addition, the candidate will work closely with a leading industrial partner and closely interact with several academic research groups of the Applied Nanophotonics research orientation of MESA+.

Your task
You will design and assist in the fabrication of waveguide circuits based on integrated optical techniques. You will design the laboratory setup required to characterize the structure’s linear and nonlinear optical properties. You will also characterize the performance of fabricated switching devices and explore further, novel options to be implemented. You will collaborate closely with our industrial partner to create on-chip structures.

What we expect

The ideal candidate has a MSc. in physics, has experience with optics and, in particular nonlinear optics and integrated optics. Although this is an experimental project, some experience with computer modeling would be an advantage. The candidate should be goal-oriented and ready to take responsibility for the project. He/She is expected to be able to formulate relevant scientific questions and to undertake appropriate research actions towards the realization of demonstration devices for switching. The chosen candidate will be an enthusiastic person with good communicative skills, especially in written and spoken English. He or she must be open-minded and flexible in order to thrive in a cultural rich environment and capable of working independently as well as in a team.

What we offer
We offer you a PhD position for 4 years with standard conditions. Your starting salary will be about € 2000, - gross per month in the first year and up to about € 2600, - gross per month in the last year. In addition, the collaborative nature of this project will provide the candidate with ample opportunity to interact with many leading scientists working in a wide variety of fields. For offering a professional scientific and academic education the position includes membership in the Twente Graduate School for Advanced Optics.

Information and application
For more information please contact dr. Chris Lee (+31-53-4893968), dr. Peter van der Slot (+31-53-4893967) or prof. dr. Klaus Boller (+31-53-4893964). Applications should include an application/motivation letter, a detailed CV (resume), a publication list, contact details of at least 2 referees, and an academic transcript of their B.Sc. and M.Sc. education. A TOEFL or IELTS score is generally requested to verify sufficient mastery of the English language. Please send your application to Simone ter Hedde-Sloot.

Note: The application deadline to the PhD position in Optical switching, Netherlands is 28 February, 2011.

Please mention on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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