A PhD scholarship in Genomics has been announced for the academic year 2011. The PhD scholarship is in association with the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, France. The research area for this PhD scholarship is Biochemistry/ Life sciences.

The PhD student will make use of the extensive data sets to identify gene and protein interactions that might be of importance for the development and progression of the disease. Potential interactions and mechanisms of regulation will be validated by the student using a variety of laboratory techniques such as analysis of expression and epigenetic modifications, promoter activity assays, transcription factor binding sites, co-immunoprecipitations in in vitro model systems (cell culture) as well as in tissue samples. For validated targets, blood/plasma based assays for early detection, tumour classification, risk assessment and treatment decisions will be developed.

Institut de Génomique
Centre national de génotypage
Laboratoire de recherche translationnelle
Starting date:
Centre : Fontenay-aux-roses

Contact person:
CEA -Institut de Génomique
Centre National de Génotypage
Laboratoire d'Epigénétique
2 rue Gaston Crémieux
Batiment G2
91057 Evry Cedex
Email : tost@cng.fr
Phone: 01 60 87 84 23

For more details about the PhD scholarships in Genomics, France please visit the PhD scholarships link.

Note: The applcation deadline to the PhD scholarships in Genomics, France is 08 March, 2011.

Please mention scholarships4phd.blogspot.com on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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