The University of Twente has several master degree scholarships for international students completing postgraduate programs in Holland. These scholarships vary from government grants to funding by organizations or private people. In addition, faculties and the University of Twente Scholarship Foundation offer a limited number of post graduate scholarships for excellent students.

You may find a detailed list of master degree scholarships in netherlands in my other post List of Master Degree Scholarships in Netherlands (Holland).

All TU Twente scholarships holland require that all UT application procedures are fully completed before applying for the scholarship. Because of strict deadlines, apply for admission at least two months before the scholarship deadline. Applying for a scholarship is possible as soon as you have received a letter confirming admission. Please note some master's scholarships are for students of specific nationalities or studying certain educational programmes.

University of Twente Scholarship
The UT Scholarship is awarded by the Foundation University of Twente Scholarship Programme of the University of Twente. The UT Scholarship is meant for international students who show excellence, both academically as well as socially. The UT Scholarship is awarded for one year of study and is extended for a second year if study results are sufficient. Please note that you can only be nominated for the UT Scholarship after you have been (provisionally) accepted by the educational programme of your choice.

ASML Taiwan Scholarship Program
The Scholarship intends to give promising Taiwanese postgraduates and young professionals the opportunity to develop their skills. The Scholarship Scheme is administered in Taiwan by the Netherlands Trade and Investment Office.

Delta NTIO Joint Environmental Scholarship
Delta Electronics Foundation established the Delta/NTIO Joint Environmental Scholarship in 2005 to support and encourage advanced academic studies in fields relevant to environmental protection and sustainable development. A scholarship of NT$250,000 each is offered to Master’s students and NT$500,000 for Doctoral students annually.

Colfuturo Scholarship Loan Programme
Colfuturo’s main objective is to provide Colombian students with more and better study opportunities and enable them to contribute with their experiences of studying abroad to the economic and social development of Colombia. A maximum of US$ 25.000 per year and for a maximum of two years.

UNESCO-L’Oreal Scholarship for PhD and Postdoc
The UNESCO-L’ORÉAL fellowships scheme focuses on UNESCO’s premise that people are the world’s greatest resource and that innovation and excellence, especially among the young women community, deserve to be supported and encouraged through the concerted efforts of the international community. A financial contribution, not to exceed USD20,000 per year for each selected beneficiary to support her on-going research proposal, with the possibility of an extension for a second year.

E8 Scholarship Programme for International students
The purpose of the e8 scholarship is to support outstanding students pursuing advanced studies in sustainable energy development and to encourage meaningful contributions to the collective body of knowledge about this subject.

Other Scholarships and Grants
The list below indicates which nationalities are eligible for which scholarships and the deadlines for application. You can access more information on each scholarship by clicking on the scholarship name.
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Further details on University of Twente Scholarships and Grants, Netherlands can be found on TU Twente website.

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