Every year TUM: Technical University of Munchen (Munich), provides a list of master degree scholarships for international students willing to undertake postgraduate study programs in Germany. TUM is one of the leading universities in Germany. TUM’s top performances in research and education, interdisciplinary studies, and talent promotion stand out. Strong alliances with businesses and scientific institutions across the world play a part in this. Here is the comprehensive list of postgraduate scholarships in Germany. The university also supports its foreign researchers in various ways, by a list of PhD and Postdoc scholaships in TUM.

Bayern-Frankreich Scholarship

Supports the development of integrated study courses within Universities in Bavaria and Quebec (coordination meetings).
Application deadline: April 15th

Betty-Kohout-Fonds Scholarship

Stipends for students belonging to the Faculty for Architecture within the TUM.

Carl Duisberg Stiftung Scholarship

The Grants are exclusively for students of the German language area planning an individual stay abroad with one of the following focuses: cardiology, onkology, inflammation, gynaecology and imaging diagnosis. They support scientific projects and advanced training within renowned institutions, as well as clinical traineeships, practical years and stay abroad for the purpose of the dissertation.

Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship

The scholarships will be awarded to outstanding students. The main criterion is skill and performance in your studies – but also social activities, social background, and special life circumstances are taken into consideration. The funding is 300 € per month over the period of 12 months with the possibility of extension. Eligible for applying are all TUM-Students regardless of their origin. Exchange students cannot apply.

Deutscher Akademikerinnen Bund e.V.

Only for women wanting to publish their scientific work. Financial support for printing costs as well as support during the publication.

Deutscher akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD)

Study/ Research scholarship. Good German language knowledge, technical and personal eligibility.
Details of DAAD Scholarship can be found on DAAD Scholarships for International Students, Germany.

Deutscher akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) / PROMOS

Study/ Internship/ Courses/ Mobility. Short term funding for up to 6 months (internships), as well as stays abroad and subject related courses abroad for students and doctoral candidates.

Dr. Gert Mauss-Stiftung Scholarship

Study/ Research scholarship.
Areas: Quantum Physics, Sustainable Energies and Humanistic Innovations.

Edmund- Bradatsch-Stiftung Scholarship

Study/ Research scholarship.
Areas: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Evonik Stiftung Scholarship

Subject varies depending on the yearly given thematic priority. Application deadline: March & August. Funding: Master Thesis (six months 250 - 400 €/monthly), Stay abroad (six months 400 - 600 €/monthly), Doctorate (two years 1.050 €/monthly) and Post Doc (one year 1000 - 1500 €/monthly).

Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

Study/ Research scholarship.
Open for all subjects. No application deadline.

Friedrich Naumann Stiftung Scholarship

Extra-ordinary achievement, social commitment, quality of one`s character.

Hans Böckler Stiftung Scholarship

Study/ Research scholarship.
Research with focus on transition and innovative transformation of employment / participation in and future of the welfare state. No application deadline.

Katholischer Akademischer Ausländer Dienst (KAAD) Scholarship

Study/ Research scholarship.
Excellent grades and language knowledge, willingness to utilise the achieved knowledge for the sake of the Church.

Further details can be found on the Technical University of Munich Scholarships webpage.

Please mention scholarships4phd.blogspot.com on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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