The DFG (German Science Foundation) Research Training Group (Graduiertenkolleg) 'Modeling, Analysis and Simulation in Economic Mathematics' at the Faculty of Mathematics and Economics of the University of Ulm has announced 3 PhD Scholarships available for three years starting at April 1st 2012 or later.

The scope of the research training group is the investigation of economic questions by means of mathematical modeling, analysis and simulation. These questions are developed in cooperation with partners from outside the University and arise from the following areas:
  1. Evaluation of complex financial products
  2. Risk analysis and management
  3. Optimal Strategies
  4. Econometric analysis and strategies
  5. Knowledge discovery and data mining
To solve such problems, the scholarship holders will work in the following mathematical disciplines:
  • Stochastical models, their analysis and simulation
  • Statistical inference and data analysis
  • Stochastical control and optimization
  • Partial differential equations and functional analysis
  • Financial mathematical modeling and analysis
  • Numerical analysis and simulation
  • Methods in the development and quality management of software
Alumni’s of mathematical based courses of studies are asked to send their significant application documents (copies of certificates, CV, photo) to the following person

Prof. Dr. Karsten Urban
University of Ulm

Institut for Numerical Analysis
Helmholtzstrasse 18
89069 Ulm
Phone: +49-731-502-3535
Fax: +49-731-502-3548

Further information on the position can be found on the University of Ulm website.

Application deadline to the PhD Scholarships in Mathematical Modeling, University of Ulm, Germany is 03 February, 2012.

Please mention on your application while applying for this scholarship.

© 2012 Research Grants.

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