The Computational Mechanics and Numerical Mathematics unit at the University of Groningen has a vacancy for a postdoc or PhD student. The associated unit is active in computational fluid dynamics and solution methods for large sparse nonlinear systems.


In the project we will use a combination of direct numerical simulation, stochastic parameterization of the effects of meso-scale eddies, techniques from the theory of random dynamical systems and data-assimilation methods to analyze the flows in one and two-layer shallow water models of the Kuroshio Current. Ensemble methods will be used to investigate the predictability of the Kuroshio path transitions, including a study of the impact of specific observations, in deterministic and stochastic models. The researcher (postdoc or PhD student) will concentrate on the stochastic parameterization of meso-scale eddies and the numerical techniques to tackle the stochastic partial differential equations efficiently. The PhD student will also follow a number of courses to improve his/her professional skills and to widen the scientific horizon.


Candidates should: hold a PhD degree (for the postdoc position) or a Msc degree (for the PhD postion) in applied mathematics or physics, have a good knowledge of numerical mathematics, have good programming skills, have a potential to carry out creative and independent research, be fluent in the English language (written and verbal). For the postdoc position the candidate should have accepted publications in the peer-reviewed literature. Experience with stochastic modeling and/or CFD is considered an advantage. The successful candidate should be available to start not later than April 1, 2012.

Conditions of employment

Postdoc: The candidate is offered a full-time position for one year with a possible extension of 21 months.
PhD position: The assignment is for 4 years (maximum) and includes an assessment after the first year. It is a temporary assignment for a period of 4 years. First, you will get a temporary position of 1,5 years with the perspective of prolongation with another 2,5 years. After the first year, there will be an evaluation as to the feasibility of successful completion of the PhD thesis within the next three years.

Application Procedure

Details about application procedure and salary can be found on the University of Groningen website.

For more information, you can contact Dr F.W. Wubs, .

Note, application deadline to the PhD Position in Numerical Maths, University of Groningen is 05 February, 2012.

Please mention on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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