A PhD position is available within the Department of Centre for Language and Communication Studies (CLCS) at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in the field speech synthesis.

Position Summary

A Ph.D. Researcher is required to work in the area of speech synthesis at the Phonetics and Speech Laboratory, School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences. The position will involve carrying out research on the topic of Hidden Markov Model (HMM)-based speech synthesis. Specifically, we are looking for a researcher to work on developing a source-filter based acoustic modelling for HMM-based speech synthesis which is closely related to the human speech production process and which can facilitate modification of voice source and vocal tract filter components at synthesis time.

Post Status: 3 years
Department/Faculty: Centre for Language and Communication Studies (CLCS)
Location: Phonetics and Speech Laboratory
Salary: €16,000 per annum (plus fees paid)


University of Dublin, Trinity College
Phonetics and Speech Laboratory
Trinity College Dublin
Dublin 2
email: kanejo@tcd.ie
website: http://jobs.tcd.ie

Note, application deadline to the PhD Position in Speech Synthesis, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland is 14 September, 2012.

Please mention scholarships4phd.blogspot.com on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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