An Erasmus Mundus European Master (MSc) scholarships in chemistry has been announced by the ASC network in association with the Erasmus Mundus committee. The Erasmus Mundus master scholarships in chemistry aims at preparing students to become experts and develop international skills towards doctoral studies, and/or professional industrial careers in chemical analysis and characterization of the structure of materials.

Admission criteria:
The selection procedure takes place within a framework common to the seven partners of the consortium. The partners select on the basis of study results, a CV, a statement of purpose and two letters of recommendation. They may not discriminate between their own students, students of other universities of EU or non-EU countries.

Application, evaluation procedure
All applications are assessed by a centralized consortium commission. A weighting scheme is applied to the following selection criteria, assessed from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum), thus producing a weighted arithmetic mean:
- academic records of previous studies(coefficient 6, threshold 4)
- scientific background of undergrad studies (coefficient 4, threshold 3)
- ranking of Academic Institution where undergraduate studies were done (coefficient 2, threshold 2)
- motivation letter (coefficient 2, threshold 3)
- recommendation letters (coefficient 2, threshold 3)
- mastering of foreign language(coefficient 2, threshold 2)
- acquired practical experience (coefficient 1, threshold 2)
- Awards and grants (coefficient 1, threshold 1)

Application process
For applying, EU Student and Non- EU Student must fill the on-line application form and follow the instructions available on scholarships link.
For more information, contact the Administrative Secretary of the programme:
Mrs Francine Chanier,
University Lille1
ASC Master - Bât.C15-001
F- 59655-Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex
tel: (+33) 3 20 33 64 36

Note: The application deadline for the Erasmus Mundus master scholarships in chemistry is 2nd week of January every year.

Please mention on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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