The Erasmus Mundus European Master (MSc) scholarships in astrophysics (AstroMundus) is a 2-years Erasmus Mundus Masters Course ( 120 ECTS) in Astronomy and Astrophysics offered by a consortium of 5 partner universities in 4 different countries: Austria, Italy, Germany, and Serbia.

The AstroMundus Master Programme
Astrophysics (acronym: AstroMundus) is a two-year Erasmus Mundus Master Course in Astronomy and Astrophysics. This Course is based on the expertise of the Universities of Innsbruck, Padova, Roma, and Göttingen, and the University of Belgrade as a Third Country partner. The Master is closely related with institutions such as: Asiago Observatory, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica -Osservatorio Roma, Belgrade Astronomical Observatory.

Organization of the Masters Course
The programme lasts for two years. The AstroMundus consortium adopts the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). Students will earn a minimum of 120 ECTS during their master studies.

During the first semester the students attend courses at the entrance university (University of Innsbruck). The second semester is spent at a second University of choice among the 2 Italian partner Universities (Padova and Rome). The third semester is spent in one of the three partner institutions at Rome, Göttingen, or Belgrade depending on the astrophysical branches which the students will select to specialise on (but see important note below!). Finally the fourth semester is mainly devoted to the Master’s thesis (30 ECTS) that can be accomplished in any of the partner institutions, with the possibility of joint supervision by a member of another of the partner universities.

For application and contact details please visit the scholarships link.

Note: The application deadline to the Erasmus Mundus master scholarships in astrophysics is January every year.

Please mention on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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