A PhD student or a PostDoc position in the area of real-time 3D visualization of massive geographic and CAD datasets is available at DIGINEXT, France. This position is for an Early Stage Researcher (ESR) in an EU-FP7 Marie Curie Actions Initial Training Network called DIVA: Data Intensive Visualization and Analysis.

PhD Program

This open position is for a research assistantship in a PhD program in DIVA, specifically in computer science with a focus on interactive 3D computer graphics and scientific visualization. With the continuing advances in data acquisition and simulation techniques, increasingly large 3D data sets have to be processed and interactively displayed for real-time visual exploration. The emphasis of the open position in this context is on the efficient scalable out-of-core and parallel visual data processing of very large geospatial (geographical, cartographical, and architectural) and CAD 3D datasets, including advanced data processing tasks such as e.g. feature extraction, geospatial querying, etc. Targeted application domains include the aerospace industry in partnership with Airbus, geo-visualization, urban planning, architectural modeling in partnership with Blom ASA and CEREN.

About the Company

This advertised position is at DIGINEXT (DXT), a 100% owned subsidiary of CS, a major European software services and system integration company. DIGINEXT hosts the Simulation and Virtual Reality division of the group. By creating such a division as soon as 1995, CS Group was one of the industrial pioneers in the field. This division regroups today 65 PhDs and engineers specialized in high performance interactive 3D. It is among the world’s top ranking research and development centre with internationally acknowledged experts, and publications and presentation of results in the most prestigious conferences and journals (e.g. SIGGRAPH, Eurographics…). The division has developed many successful innovative 3D applications and products such as VirtualGeo™, The virtual aircraft maintenance trainer (Airbus), Hydronaute, a system for the monitoring and analysis of 3D oceanographic information around the globe in real-time (French Space Agency), etc.

Candidate requirements

A MSc degree in computer science or closely related area from a research university is required to enter the PhD program. The prospective candidates are supposed to have an excellent background in computer science and systems as well as strong mathematical skills and practical experience with computer graphics. Exposure to parallel programming and distributed systems is also welcome. Strong interests in collaboration with domain scientists and industrials is of further importance as well.

Application Procedure

Applications must include a detailed CV/resume, information of university level educational background and practical work experience in computer science or a closely related field, a statement of motivation and clear exposition of prior graphics experience. Certified copies of transcripts and reference letters should be enclosed.

Applications must be sent by post or email to the following address. Please contact at the given email for any details and application procedure.

Simulation & Virtual Reality Division
Large Company
5 rue Brindejonc des Moulinais
31500 - Toulouse
phone +33561176666
fax +33561176578

email: monique.geyres@diginext.fr
web: http://www.diginext.fr

Note, application deadline to the Company Sponsored PhD Position in 3D Visualization, France is 30 November, 2011.

Please mention scholarships4phd.blogspot.com on your application while applying for this scholarship.

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